How To Floss Properly

Flossing is something a lot of people don't do, and those that do, maybe only do it once a day maximum. Fact is, the dental association recommends we do it 3 times a day..Why? Because they say we should floss after every meal. Who do you know who does that? We all want to have a bright smile and healthy teeth and gums, (not to mention not having bad breath) but unless we are able to afford expensive cosmetic dental attention, we all need to floss more than we do. It is not just for when you have some food stuck in your teeth...It actually removes plaque from underneath your gum line which is where your toothbrush just doesn't reach, plaque will stay there and in a short time bacteria will start to multiply and cause tooth decay and infection..

A lot of people avoid flossing because it feels painful or uncomfortable and, the main reason is that it makes their gums bleed, its true it does to begin with, the reason being is because you never normally floss. The solution is to back off a bit, leave it for a day (2 days max) then floss again. If it starts to bleed again, leave it for a day or two then try again, unless you have chronic gum disease (your dentist will be able to advise you on this) the bleeding will definitely stop and you will be able to floss once a day then twice and within a week you will be fine flossing after every meal.

The trick is in your flossing technique, once you get that down then it will soon become second nature and the benefits to your teeth and gums simply cannot be overstated. So now I will concentrate on trying to describe the exact technique that gives the best results for daily flossing. What I recommend is to floss in a  shape around each tooth, go about 2-3mm under the gum line using a clean dry part of the floss and rotate the floss as you so along. Don't bang down in the middle as this will obviously be painfull and cause bleeding, procede carefully around each tooth, selecting a fresh length of floss each time. 

If you just find it too fiddly or awkward then try a pack of those dental floss "harps" which really are great but they only give you a tiny bit of actual floss to use, so they are ok for getting used to the feel of flossing and to get you into training so to sperak, but you need to aim for using the regular dental floss and by 2 or 3 different ones to try out... They are now available impregnated with aloe vera, tea tree and other natural antiseptic oils which have got to be a good thing. and you need to get into the habit of carrying it around in your pocket or bag so its there when you need it, after eating anything basically.