Dental sedation training for dentists

As a dentist I am often asked about dental sedation training for dentists; it’s a tricky subject because things are nearly always changing.

All dental hygienists have to undergo quite a lot of in depth training on the subject and a great way to keep up to date with all the latest techniques and methods is to undergo regular refresher courses at, for instance, the SAAD which is the dental charity that specialises in the advancement of knowledge regarding anxiety and pain management in our industry.

Dental nurses can enroll on the parallel program at SAAD and be instructed in advanced as well as basic pain and anxiety relief and management and the courses offered cover everything from treatment planning, patient assessment and of cord the various types of drugs currently in use.

Conscious sedation requires extensive knowledge in anatomy, physiology as well as pharmacology along with a reasonable grasp of the legal and administrative aspects of pain and anxiety management from a number of perspectives. The courses available are highly respected and will accredit any practitioner or assistant IACSD standards (2015) which is the standard all medical practitioners as well as therapists, hygienists and nurses are required to meet.

Accredited mentor and update courses are available through SAAD and the appropriate application forms are available for download from the SAAD web site.

All relevant university based courses as well as post graduate are required top comply with these UK standards and fully supervised hands on training experience is key to acquiring the skills and knowledge deemed appropriate to reach the safe and expected level of competence in the field in order to comply with UK standards and insurance providers.

IASCD accreditation is mandatory for all dental practitioners these days and SAAD is widely known to fully support all IACSD Standards.  It is also strongly recommended that all members make every effort possible to fully comply with all of the latest guidelines with regard to professional training along with clinical practice.