Caring For Your Teeth

Your smile is so very important, it's the first impression that really counts when you are meeting and greeting people. It is so easy to underestimate it's true importance. In any professional or social encounter, having a great smile gives you a real advantage aesthetically over people with damaged, stained or missing teeth.

You may not realise it consciously but subconsciously we all judge and grade people by how attractive or unattractive they are and we naturally tend to be more inclined to trust or like people who we perceive as being more attractive.

This is great for anyone in the beauty business as it pretty much guarantees them clients forever as long as they are good at what they do, and you could say that cosmetic dental specialists are in the beauty business rather than the oral health business which is more the domain of the dentist really. We all hate having to go to the dentist and it's always a massive relief when we see the dentist for a checkup and they don't have to do any fillings or extractions.

We've all heard it a million times and I'm sorry to repeat this but it's simply a proven fact that taking good care of your teeth is the best way  to keep them in good condition. First of all regular brushing with a good quality, not too stiff tooth brush with toothpaste or powder, followed by that all important dental floss... (Flossing really counts) you need to make sure that you brush for at least two full minutes twice a day, which will really clean your teeth and reduce the impact from plaque.If you choose not to floss you are neglecting over 30% of the surface of each tooth, typically the very surfaces where tooth decay is going to occur. Also the plaque build up in these areas of your teeth are likely to cause irritation and then inflamation of your gums.

Healthy teeth are not just all about your looks, of course, they are important for lots of health reasons too. For instance, plaque is not only bad for your teeth, it is extremely bad for the rest of you as if it is on your teeth it is quite possibly in your bloodstream, your arteries and therefore increasing your chances of suffering from coronary heart disease or stroke.

So, to assess your teeth have a quick look in the mirror and see what your teeth look like...are the tops of your bottom teeth or the bottoms of your top teeth jagged or yellowing at all? Maybe some brown spots, if they are flat it may show that you tend to grind your teeth, which can be very problematic as your teeth will will get worn down and even start to split or break over time. The solution to grinding is to get your dentist to supply you with a guard that you can wear at night to stop you from damaging your teeth at night. Your jaw should be level and an easy way to check this is by getting a double wide lolly stick and bite on it, this will indicate by the angle it makes (look in the mirror) if your jaw/bite is level or not. If you want to permanently improve your smile and get your teeth fixed once and for all you need to find yourself a really good cosmetic dentist.