Teeth Whitening

If you are like me you hate having stained teeth and often look at your smile in the mirror and think like, yuck! So I have tried over the years just about every teeth whitening product available and some pretty whacky ones too. Here’s a tip I can share with you which is in answer to a question I get asked quite a lot - can baking soda actually bleach your teeth? The answer is actually yes it can, believe it or not! 

All you have to do is take some baking soda and mix it with a little water and make it into a paste, put some on your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it. You will get a foam building up so don’t worry when you start looking like a rabid dog! I should say that you need to brush for a couple of minutes longer than you would usually and make sure that you brush all of the paste out from between your teeth and rinse thoroughly using a rinsed toothbrush. If you have heavily stained teeth then you won’t believe the results! It really will bleach your teeth whiter so there’s a nice cheap tip for you. If you already have fairly white teeth then it won’t tend to do much though.

I guess just about everybody wants to have a bright perfect looking smile, and stained teeth can damage your self confidence and make you want to keep your teeth hidden. Obviously if you have damaged or missing teeth or they are misaligned, only a dentist can sort that out for you but when it comes to whitening or bleaching your teeth there are a lot of options available ranging from very expensive to totally free, some are sensible and some are downright flaky if you ask me. I In fact I just watched a youtube video by a woman who was extolling the virtues of using banana skin peel on your teeth… oh for God’s sake! Just plain silly if you ask me.

The baking soda idea seems reasonable and I have had ok results with it but the commercial products available are nearly all worth looking into and of course if you ask your dentist they will always tell you to brush and floss more. Unless they either are or refer you to a cosmetic dental specialist who will be able to help you straight away, at a price of course…

Having confidence in your smile is very important to me so I was very keen on getting my permanent crowns fitted which I went to have done last week. So thrilled, I had already had a temporary set in for the last 2 weeks while the permanent ones were having their final grinding down and polishing. When I had a fitting last, the dentist took measurements between my teeth (with the final crowns on) in order to get my bite nice and even, they looked fabulous and I was so pleased with them, they were worth every penny (nearly £500 each) now I love to smile and flash my brilliant new teeth at every occasion and naturally I brush and floss them religiously twice a day to keep them in the best of condition.

My teeth had been the bane of my life for so long having had to endure multiple extractions at an early age as the dentist said I had a crowded mouth, then 20 years later I am told by my dentist that the previous one had all but ruined my teeth and that I had to wear a brace to correct what he had done, I was devastated, then I went off dentists altogether and let my teeth fall into a terrible state, only going to the dentist when I needed a filling which was every 2 years on average. Finally I plucked up the courage to see my dentist for a check up and had a chat with him about getting my teeth sorted out so I would actually be happy with them, have an even bite and not be ashamed to show them to people when I smiled. All that misery is behind me now and I am so happy, I just want to tell everybody!! Now don’t forget to floss!